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Kim helped us hugely. On the way to divorce, we decided as a last resort to try counselling. We picked Kim at random because we both thought she looked approachable. Good choice! We are now happily back on track and equipped with tools and strategies to keep us communicating and moving on together rather than apart. We saw Kim weekly for about 3 or 4 months before we were assured that we were no longer in need of her services. Thank you very much for all your wisdom, good humour, patience and thoughtfulness.


We went for couples counselling with Kim, as she came highly recommended. We are very happy we did. Kim has a very caring and skillful way to create a safe space to explore delicate issues. She is non-judgmental and emphasises that it is no blame game, but looks for connection with your own truth and with each other's truth. She is very perceptive, picks up on details and asks you to 'go down the lift' - invites you to look at what lies underneath. She has an excellent way of reflecting back core issues in a way that makes sense and makes you feel understood. She also gave us helpful tools for improving communication and got us to practice in the session so that we can use this outside the session too. Again, we highly recommend Kim to anyone or any couple looking for some help.


Having never been to counselling before I didn’t know what to expect. Thankfully Kim was able to put my husband and I at ease straight-away, and this resulted in us being more open with each other than we had been in years. The journey we’re on is not easy, but with what we’ve learned in our sessions, we are now communicating, listening and understanding each other better. For those reasons we will be forever grateful to Kim.


Kim made us feel at ease the instant we met, we both went into marriage counselling with no expectations and no real idea of just how valuable it was going to be to us as both individuals and as a couple. Kim is amazing! She made me realise that I have been suffering from childhood trauma that was having an impact on my mental health and my marriage. She unlocked and opened this box, identified the trauma’s, taught me how to manage this, and how to move forward using specific tools, ultimately saving my marriage and my health! Will be very to happy to check in with her every now and again to ensure I am still maximising my use of the mental a tools that she has taught me to use!


I can't thank Kim enough for her help in showing us that listening to each other's needs and showing appreciation is the first step in working towards a healthy relationship. It has opened up many other issues that I hadn't even begun to realise were causing our relationship harm. Highly recommend this if your relationship needs some help to progress on to something better and stronger.


I just wanted to say thank you. If it had not been for your help and support, there is no doubt in my mind that my husband and I would not have survived COVID-19. Another bonus for us is that old wounds in family relationships are healing, and this through a trying time personally, and with COVID-19. We are both working from home (harmoniously) and life for us is good. We are much more open, honest and mindful of each other now – and we would definitely not have been “enjoying” lockdown if it wasn’t for your guidance. Many thanks once again!


Kim is immediately warm, welcoming and very professional. She put us at ease from the start. Kim is very knowledgeable, patient and skilful and really helped my husband and I to understand how we were communicating. We looked at how our childhood experiences and relationships were influencing how we function both as individuals and as a couple which was incredibly enlightening for both us. We both felt very safe with Kim who has a gifted ability to support each person and also challenge you. My husband and I had been to a couple's counsellor in the past, and individual counsellors, to gain help to cope with the aftermath of my husband's affair. We were really struggling with how to make the right decision about our future together and balance this with the needs of our young children. We were exhausted and felt Kim was our last hope. She didn't disappoint. While other counsellors were helpful, Kim really helped to dig deeper and we gained far more understanding of ourselves and our relationship. A big part of the journey is learning to connect and stay connected to each other. Kim provides you with the language and encourages you to really feel things from your partner's perspective. It takes practice and it's really important to keep pushing through the tough times. You can talk it all over with Kim on the next session. I would urge any couple who are unhappy, for whatever reason, to contact Kim and trust that it won't be as daunting as you might be imagining! Good luck!

Mr & Mrs A

Attended for couples counselling which was of great benefit but in addition we both achieved personal breakthroughs with issues that had been suppressed. Kim was empathetic and very skilled. Cannot recommend highly enough. Thank you.


Kim has made a huge impact on our relationship and I can't recommend and thank her enough. Before we started counselling, our relationship was struggling and we were both in a rut, both dealing with our own individual issues as well as relationship issues. Kim was quick to observe and notice what the root causes were and gave us a clear route in which she would help. Kim used a combination of couples session, individual sessions and provided us with a vast amount of tools & techniques to assist. Since finishing counselling, we have both seen a huge difference in our relationship and we both have more of an awareness of how we both feel and what we both need in our relationship. I also have seen a shift in my own attitude and feel a lot better within myself. We plan to continue to use the tools & techniques provided to continue to work on our relationship. Thank you again!!


We needed Kim's help with problems we were having in our relationship, as we were just going round in circles arguing about the same points over and over. I went in to the session with Kim openly, as it was me who pressed for the help, but I wasn't sure my husband would, but he opened up more than I thought he would. I thought we would just be discussing the problems we were having at the time. However, the exercises Kim gave us took us both on a more personal journey back to our own childhoods. At first I didn't / couldn't understand why / how this would help us, but as we went though the exercises I realised just how much of an effect my childhood experience had impaired on my adult behaviour. Reaching into the things we felt uncomfortable with actually helped us to come to terms with what we both went through as kids and how to deal with these feelings, so as not to bring them into our relationship. Also listening to each other before answering using the "What I hear you say" technique helped us to understand each other more deeply. I learned that my husband and I both love each other as much now as we did when we first met. Doing this counselling with Kim helped us both to realise that. - CM I wasn't really sure that I wanted to get involved in couple counselling at first, but I knew that we had to do something to solve our relationship problems. Like most guys I don't like to talk about my feelings, but Kim's patience and the techniques used helped me to do so and to become more comfortable with it. We met with Kim regularly and also did some exercises between meetings. It wasn't always easy, some sessions were more difficult than others and there were definite highs and lows as we went along. However, this was exactly what we needed. We talked more openly than we had in years and we learned so much about each other and got so many reminders of why we are so good together and ultimately why we love each other. Our relationship is stronger than it has been in years. We know there will be bumps in the road, but we also have techniques we can use to deal with them. Thanks for everything Kim. - MM You saved our marriage and for that we can’t thank you enough.


We came to Kim with our marriage hanging by a thread after online addiction behaviours being exposed. Not only did Kim help us understand ourselves as individuals by helping us step into our adult-selves, dealing with root problems in ourselves, but also helped us see each other more clearly, understand each other and reconcile and rebuild our marriage to a place where we are so much stronger, working together more effectively and ready to launch into a formidable and powerful marriage. We are so grateful for Kim's empathetic, connecting and direct approach to us as a couple. We have flourished and grown thanks to Kim's support and direction and would recommend any couple, in crisis or not, to engage in this support and build something stronger than you had before.


We started counselling with Kim at a very fractious time in our marriage and we are extremely grateful that we did, Kim helped us to explore our issues and helped us to discuss anything we wanted to in a non judgmental safe environment. Kim is highly skilled at guiding you to discovering the answers to your own questions rather than giving you the answer, it’s so much more powerful when you find the pathway for yourself ! Kim’s counselling gives you both the tools that you need to strengthen as not only a couple but as an individual, guiding you on how to communicate and inviting you to notice each other, helping you to acknowledge each other’s strengths and worth. We both feel more confident and connected and we feel stronger as a couple, we feel that without Kim’s help that this would be very different and so thank you doesn’t seem to be enough. Thank you Kim.


My husband and I were at a real crossroads and decided it was make or break as to whether we were going to stay together after more than 30 years. I googled local Counsellors and Paisley Counselling came up and that was how we found Kim. My husband was sceptical to say the least and so I wasn’t sure how it was all going to go. I got a really good vibe from Kim straight away, her approach was warm and welcoming as well as professional right from the outset. Not only have my husband and I got to a place we never thought we would, as individuals we have learned so much about ourselves. Kim was unbelievably perceptive throughout and just seemed to be on our wavelength. I decided to do some individual sessions in between the couple sessions and found them invaluable. So often her words of wisdom come into my mind when I needed them, tools that you can use on and on. My husband now has a completely different outlook on counselling thanks to Kim. She has been a tremendous support to us both and we absolutely recommend her without question. Thanks again Kim!


Kim is friendly, puts you at ease, very wise and works to a structure with successful results. She asks the hard questions and hears what you're saying, she conveys yours or your partner's points if she feels one of you aren't listening or indeed hearing. She builds bridges to allow dialogue and equips you with new tools that allow you both to know how to navigate stumbling blocks in your relationship. These tools can be referred to at home in times of strain. She gives you exercises that allow you both to understand each other better and yourself too. For a bit of context, we came to Kim with a sofa bed on order, we arrived in her counselling room for our 1st appointment with two possibilities in our minds 1. We “find” each other again and feel re-connected and share a love that would allow us to provide our child a happy home environment or 2. We separate in the least destructive manner for our child and how was the best way to go about that for everyone involved, sort of like a mediation. We came to Kim having endured much trauma over the past 5 years. We had become very disconnected and we knew the way we were was a result of circumstances. We were just completely lost and exasperated and miserable. For the first few sessions, we both cried and it was hard, but even after the very first session, we both felt hopeful. Each session we felt more connected and we were confident in the relationship tools Kim had taught us to see us through rough patches. We worked with Kim on a weekly basis for roughly 3 months, our relationship is much stronger and we feel we share a lot of love for one another. Needless to say, we cancelled the sofa bed order! We would highly recommend Kim for marriage counselling and we would not hesitate to book an appointment in future should we ever feel the need.

Mr & Mrs C

My husband and I found ourselves going through a tough patch in our marriage that resulted in a short separation this year. We both knew we wanted to make thing work and needed some guidance as we were struggling to communicate in a way that was healthy for our marriage.Meeting Kim was a such a huge turning point for us. She gave us a safe space to say how we each felt about issues that had been affecting us where it didn't end in a fight. She guided us through techniques that would allow us to have healthy communication rather than an argument off the back.of anger and resentment. Through our couple counselling I also had a few solo sessions due to childhood trauma that had been discussed and seen that this was a contributing factor in the strains in our relationship. We have now finished our sessions and are our marriage is much healthier. We are now able to discuss our disagreements and frustrations without anger and resentment and can see our future again. None of this would have been possible without Kim's guidance.


Kim provided a comfortable and safe space where we felt listened to and seen. Quickly realising our communication issues, Kim provided guidance and techniques for us to work through to improve our listening, understanding and communication skills. The journey has been a huge life lesson and as we continue to work on us, life as a couple gets stronger day by day. Forever grateful.


We first went to counselling with Kim when we were in a really bad place as a couple. We were emotionally drained and had just separated and were living apart. We felt immediately that we were in safe hands with Kim. She is warm and we both felt safe. She is kind but also challenged us when we needed it. Kim showed skill and expertise in working with couples – she seemed to be able to key into our difficulties well and recognise important things about us as people, even when we didn’t at first see it ourselves! Through going to sessions with Kim for about 6 months, we have found a way to understand each other, connect and build trust in each other again. We have tools now to nourish our relationship and are living together again. Kim also provided individual sessions at times that helped us with our own difficulties, which in turn helped us to show up for each other. It has been a really positive journey, and we are still on it. Starting this journey with Kim has given us hope and even excitement about our future together. We feel lucky to have found someone as skilled as Kim to support us.


Kim has worked wonders for me and my partners relationship. We didn’t think we could salvage our relationship but after a lot of hard work and a couple months of sessions we are now the happiest we have ever been. Kim taught us different ways in how to express our feelings to one another without it ending in arguments. I would like to thank Kim for all the help she has given us and would highly recommend her services to anyone.


For years my husband and I had been really struggling to connect and both held a lot of anger and resentment towards one another. We came very close to giving up on our marriage a few times and that was terrifying, as we have a beautiful little boy who needs his mum and dad happy, healthy…and preferably together. Of course we needed that for ourselves too. I believe we both wanted desperately to fix things but were unsure how. I felt very strongly that we would need marriage counselling or coaching if we were serious about our relationship succeeding. The stakes were far too high to do anything short of trying everything possible. After years of asking my husband to consider marriage counselling (about 7) and him kindly declining each time, I decided to do some research on my own and that’s when I found Paisley Counselling. I booked our first session then told my husband….he reluctantly agreed to come along, which I was really grateful for. I was conscious of this being our one chance and that if it were just an ‘ok’ (or god forbid ‘bad’) experience then it would have been a wasted opportunity that I wasn’t confident would come up again. I remember just thinking ‘god I hope she’s good!’ And thank god she was! Neither of us had any idea how these sessions would be structured, what the process would look like exactly, the timeframe or any of that but I was still very hopeful. I knew it was a critical move for us. Kim was wonderful. She had a very kind and nurturing presence that immediately put us at ease and allowed us to open up and embark on this journey together. We began, maybe for the first time, properly and respectfully communicating with each other and from that came understanding, healing and connection again. My husband liked Kim straight away (which was very important) and we both developed trust and respect for her very quickly. The process itself, along with Kim being the amazing person that she is, totally set us on a new and very positive path. My husband also did sessions on his own with Kim, addressing trauma that he experienced as a child. This helped us both immensely. After a few months, we had to stop unexpectedly for financial reasons but we felt that at that stage we left possessing the tools, strategies and the confidence to continue to work on things ourselves. We would 100% recommend Kim to anyone looking to improve their relationship (or save their marriage). And for those of you in dark places, thinking there is not much hope, counselling can help you and your partner navigate the complex layers that you may not even have known existed in your relationship. Thank you Kim for your invaluable support and guidance.


Kim created a safe and calming atmosphere right from the start. Her understanding and insightfulness helped us shine a light on things for the first time. We left in a far better place than we started. Kim has given us the tools to work at and better our relationship. Would definitely recommend Kim to anyone who is having relationship challenges.


We attended couples counselling with Kim to help us improve communication within our marriage and to help with addressing long term issues that were being ignored. Kim was able to provide us with a varied range of exercises that enabled us to discuss openly and honestly our problems. It also enabled us to look at our relationship from each others perspectives. We started making time for each other and to bring back some fun into our lives. We would like to thank Kim for her support and guidance during this journey and would recommend Paisley Counselling to those who require help and support.


My wife and I had both couple and sole counselling sessions with Kim and can't recommend her services highly enough. Kim immediately made us feel at ease, allowing us to share our problems in a safe environment without fear of judgement. During our sessions Kim's experience and knowledge shone through as she was always able to recognise behavioural patterns and offer tools and solutions to help. Her introductions to external reference material and reading was also really useful. My wife and I left every session feeling progress had been made, and now several weeks on after our last session, we are no doubt in a better place. We are able to use everything we learned and worked on with Kim, in our daily lives, and we certainly have a far deeper understanding and connection with one another. We are so thankful for Kim's work, and anyone looking for a professional, personable and effective counselling service should look no further.


We first contacted Kim after going round in circles in our relationship for a very long time not knowing why we could never make it work consistently. We soon figured we were bringing different issues from our childhood into the present relationship. We went back with Kim's help and made peace, which in turn helped massively for us to get over these hurdles. It wasn't easy, it was a hard and emotional journey but with the guidance and the tools given to us from Kim we are closer than ever. My partner had also been really struggling with anxiety and depression which has dramatically improved with the counselling sessions. Kim is so welcoming and a really lovely lady. Highly recommend to anyone struggling to get in touch. Thanks for everything Kim!

S & W

Firstly, I think like most people we were both really nervous, Kim really put us at ease. Week by week, by getting us to communicate and focus on what really matters in our relationship, she was able to help us see that some of our disagreements/problems, were really about our fears and insecurities - we are more aware and accepting of each other's quirks now. We are a work in progress, but have the tools in place to move forward stronger! I can't say enough good things about Kim, she genuinely cares!


We were losing connection for a long time hoping we can fix it ourselves. The truth is that without Kim's help we wouldn't be able to get to the bottom of the problem and discover how our past/childhood shaped and defined us and our actions. Kim created a safe space were we have opened ourselves up to each other allowing us to learn who we are and understand our feelings. She also equipped us with brilliant tools and showed us how to communicate with each other in a more positive and effective manner. We have benefited immensely from the process. Now we both are on the same team, more self-aware and emotionally vulnerable to each other, with a very clear understanding of what we want from our relationship and what's our true goal. Thanks to this our marriage was able to reach a new level - this was a truly eye-opening experience. Now we see changes in everyday life and we have become closer and more connected than ever before. Counselling with Kim was the best decision we ever made and we would highly recommend her help to all couples to improve the quality of their marriage. Thank you!


We wanted to share our great respect for Kim who has helped our marriage tremendously. We found our sessions with Kim were extremely valuable and we truly believe she has helped save our marriage. Kim creates a safe and open environment and allowed us to see things and say things we might not otherwise have been able to. We have learned so much from Kim about both ourselves and our relationship. We still have work to do but Kim got us back on the same path and realising we wanted the same end goal. The tools and techniques she taught us are invaluable and we just can't thank her enough. We would highly recommend Kim as such an effective, knowledgeable, calming and honest counsellor.


I found Kim by searching online and on reading through the testimonials from couples, I decided to ask for help at a time where there seemed no hope on saving my marriage after discovering my Husband's 3 year emotional affair. In the beginning I cried through every session (not usually a crier) as the devastation I felt was so overwhelming and I did not know where to start to try to make any sense of this betrayal. Kim was incredible and I felt like she broke down my emotions into smaller pieces to help me understand and manage them. Every week I felt that I walked out the door in a far better state of mind. G Kim taught me how to communicate with my wife again at a time when I thought our marriage was beyond healing, she gave me the tools to open up and start to speak about the affair and express my feelings without it turning into a full scale argument as it always did at home, I'm still learning but feel better equipped now to have an open and honest discussion with my wife without going on the defensive, we can now talk rationally about things, I found both the individual and joint sessions extremely helpful and cannot thank Kim enough for what she has done for me and would highly recommend her to anyone who thinks there is no hope. S Kim also provided a safe space for us both to talk honestly about our feelings and picked up on the lack of communications that was missing from our marriage and gave us strategies on how to improve them. We are now very much together and looking forward to going on holiday soon. Kim, a truly heartfelt thank you for all you taught us.


We approached Kim when we were at a crossroads in our relationship. Our relationship had become fractious during the previous 12 months, and a change was needed to save it. Kim was able to help us by significantly improving our communication skills, and - in turn - she was able to help us see that most of our disagreements and problems boiled down to our own personal fears and insecurities. As a result of our counselling sessions, our communication skills have improved significantly, and we are more aware and accepting of each other’s 'quirks'. Our relationship is much happier and healthier as a result. We are still mindful that work is required - something we were taking for granted before - but Kim has provided us with the tools to move forward together.


Our words and praise cannot say enough about how amazing Kim was for us. My husband and I had quite a few rough years dealing with bad communication skills, and failed IVF experiences. After researching a few different counsellors we finally found Kim who provided us with weekly couples counselling sessions. These sessions lasted 90 mins and allowed us both to have a safe space to discuss our issues without any escalations. We now have coping mechanisms and communication skills that have brought my husband and I together. We personally feel that our marriage would not be in such a positive and healthy place if we did ot have Kim's guidance. Kim made both of us feel extremely comfortable with counselling. The tasks Kim provided us with were challenging but has lead us to be so much stronger together. Thank you Kim for everything you do....we both appreciate you and your wisdom..

A&G x

I was very sceptical about counselling but after having gone through it with Kim I am so glad I did. It certainly helped us understand and resolve our issues. Kim very quickly identified where a lot of the issues stemmed from and we worked on them throughout our sessions. Life is changing a lot for the better, thank you so much for all your help Kim.


Where do we start with thanking you? We came to you at a time when our relationship was as in turmoil, each of us suffering in our own way with no way to reach each other. Coming to you has not only saved our marriage but helped us to reach a place of understanding and connection that we may never have found. From a place of despair, you gave us a safe space to share our most sensitive thoughts, feelings and experiences without judgement. You gave us the tools to find a place of love, appreciation, understanding and connection. We each learned what makes us who we are. You have helped us find the essence of our relationship as well as tools moving forward to know how to keep that connection and navigate back towards on another. The most heartfelt thank you.

Mr & Mrs C

I was a bit nervous before I went along as I have never been to counselling before, never mind couples' counselling. But Kim was a very calming and empathetic right from the start. The sessions have been fantastic for cementing our relationship and every week our relationship has got stronger and stronger. Thanks for helping us navigate our way into a more fulfilling and loving relationship.


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