Our carefully selected team of trainee counsellors are working with clients on placement whilst completing their counselling accreditations.

Hi my name is Ruth and I am a trainee counsellor using Person Centred and Integrative Therapy.

My background is in Occupational Therapy and Health Studies and I work in the 3rd sector with adults who are struggling with addiction and mental health. With my compassionate, non-judgmental and confidential approach, I strive to ensure my clients feel seen and heard. I am passionate about helping people to fulfil their full potential.


Hello, my name is Aysha. I am a trainee counsellor using the Psychodynamic approach and I have a special interest and additional training in trauma and somatics.

I provide a safe, compassionate, and non-judgemental space for us to work together, exploring the issues that are affecting you. Working Psychodynamically means we consider how your past experiences may be affecting the present, perhaps through repeated patterns of behaviour or through unconscious defence mechanisms. We will work together to bring awareness to these unconscious patterns and how they arose, with the aim of empowering you to make more conscious choices in your relationships and for yourself. I am a student member of BACP and COSCA.

chantalMy name is Chantal and I am a trainee in Psychodynamic counselling which highlights the significance of the unconscious mind, defence mechanisms and the impact our early childhood experiences can have on how we feel about the world, relationships and ourselves.

Whether you feel stuck in life, conflicted, anxious or depressed and don’t know why, I create a therapeutic safe space where you will feel seen, heard and valued as a person. I strive to help my clients uncover underlying meanings, patterns, and conflicts, facilitating deeper self-understanding and personal growth. As a reflective practitioner, I focus on tailoring my approach to meet the unique needs and goals of each individual client, drawing from a range of theories and techniques as appropriate.

charlotteMy name is Charlotte and I am a trainee integrative counsellor and student member of the BACP.

By utilising a variety of approaches such as Person Centred, Psychodynamic, CBT and Existential therapy, I attune to your needs, wants and goals for therapy. I offer a safe and non-judgmental space in which you can start to safely ‘unravel’ the challenges you are facing. It takes a lot of courage to enter the counselling room for the first time, and I have a high value for creating an environment that feels welcoming and accepting of all individuals.

Hi, I’m Vicki and I am a trainee counsellor using Transactional Analysis (T.A.). I am passionate about my work with clients and my ethos surrounds establishing a safe, held therapeutic relationship bound by trust.

This security is foundational to all of the work we do together. My special interest is in learning about and working with clients who are living with the effects of trauma, whether it be recent or from childhood. Many of the challenges people bring to counselling have a root in unconscious patterns and protections which are no longer helping in the way they once did. I work alongside my clients to explore their goals for counselling, remaining attuned to their needs and sensitively working with whatever arises in the room. By prioritising safety, clients can then begin to discover new ways of interacting with themselves and others whilst validating and honouring the protections that helped them survive. I hold a student membership for UKATA and BACP.